The MiniSonic Band

Genre: Musical

Technique: Animation 2d cut out

Audience: Kids (4-7 years old)

They’re really off key, they rock real hard!

PLASH, TOCK, TRIM & PUNN are four sounds that gain life after an electric shock. The dream of creating a fun rock band awaits them. That’s why, in the tablet where they live, they rehearse, they go out of tune, they lose hope, they recharge, and still out of tune, they rock with with their souls. Every adventure is a fun melody!


Even while off key you learn something: 


-  CREA DIGITAL (2017) Project Winner


-  An official selection of the Bogotá Audiovisual Market.


-  Winner of a grant from the Ministry of Culture of Colombia (2013)


⦁ Honorable Mention in the Grant for Creation and Production of Microprograms for Television aimed at Children from the Stimuli Program from the Ministry of Culture of Colombia (2013