The MiniSonic Band

Genre: Musical

Technique: Animation 2d cut out and live action

Audience: Kids (4-7 years old)


PLASH, TOCK, TRIM and PUM are four sounds that are alive after an electric shock. They now have to join forces to meme their biggest dream  come true:  to from an awesome Rock Band! By themselves, they don't sound too good, but together they're phenomenal! Every adventure is going  to be a fun melody!


But the Sounds are so different and the goal  is so far away that they must give  their 100% and play with their soul to overcome the obstacle  and work  more than as a team, as unconditional  friends. For now, they live in  an old broken-down radio, where they  play their tunes  for the kids who  rock and  learn together whit the  Sounds.